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4E4: i'm in!

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Greetings all,

I have decided to participate (minus unexpected events) to the Four Elements GDNet contest.

I've been hesitating a lot due to my lack of time and dedication. I already have a few projects running; the most important one (my space engine) is going well, but Minas Tirith is currently asleep, and my third project (a Lands of Lore remake) has some legal issues with the copyright holders, Electronic Arts (so it's on hold). This means that i should effectively have some time for a small "summer project".

I already have an idea for the game, but i won't spoil it, because i believe it's pretty original and fun. The game will take place in a modern city and will feature robots and zombies only.

Tomorrow i will talk to some people at my company to get the rights to use a city model into the game, in exchange of some free advertisement. If they agree, it should likely fill 95% of the game content.

I will be using my own engine (only a part of it is space/planet specific, but the engine also supports all the standard features: vertex & pixel shaders, per-pixel lighting, shadow maps, complex scene graph, etc..). Some features are missing but i will add them for the 4E4 contest; which will indirectly benefit my space game.

I intend to win (if i can finish the game, that is).
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I intend to win as well.
If I finish :(

I look forward to the competition!
awww crap! Another high-res 3D DX entry to compete against >_<

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