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Guest Anonymous Poster


--- removed by Mushu ---




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Guest Anonymous Poster


god bless you mushu.

<Mushu> :=)


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Okay, I'm feeling left out -- is there an inside joke I'm not aware of, or is Mushu just clinically insane? :P

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I just found this on someone elses journal. Sorry, but it didn't look like you'd seen it. Lol.


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Jack: you mean this one?

That joke comes from a PHP thing someone found which would insert text into a pic of that stoned-looking girl on the Apple ad. We were screwing around with it, and Evil_Steve sent me a pic with the text "Mushu has no penix lol". So I remote-linked the image into my journal. A couple months later, the journal hits probably exhausted that sites bandwidth and they dropped the link.

So, since we still needed something to put in there, Archwizard suggested that we make a Maple screenshot with it. One of my characters is "Mushia" (in screen) and we did it one day. I never actually got round to swapping the IMG SRC though, so he took the liberty to post it in mine and Laz's (iirc) journal.

As for the AP-inside joke, I'll tell you guys later. [smile]

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I didn't post that pic in Laz's journal: he did it himself, after I asked him to do so.

P.S.: Mushu has no penix lol.

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