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Getting things done

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Though I've done some programming in the past week, I haven't really done anything. I really need to set some goals. I'm not really sure what I want to accomplish and so I end up running around in circles.

Goal 1 - to be completed by 7/1/05
  • Have a solid program running in DirectX

    • Settings Manager
    • Log Manager
    • Window Manager
    • Render Manager
    • Task Manager

      • Clock
      • Input
      • Rendering
      • Application State

Goal 2 - to be completed by 7/8/05
  • Build a collection of high level objects

    • Render targets
    • Textures
    • Models
    • Shaders
    • Math objects

      • Flesh out current vector, math, and quaternion classes

Goal 3 - to be completed by 7/22/05 (I'm on vacation the week before it :p)
  • Complete a graphics demo that uses shaders and runs on the system
    • Lets say an environmentally mapped model
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Recommended Comments

Yes, I do [smile]

It's really just a matter of piecing together current code and making sure it's organized and consistent. Also finding a general, clean way to do the game loop and use system components.

And yet, if I don't set deadlines, I could keep cleaning up the same code forever. I just want to get something set and done that I can use as my framework.

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