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Ugh, programming is frustrating me to no end, as ussual. I've run into the weirdest problem in the moving platforms. I've writen all of the code, and now the things don't move. They interact with the player, however, as if he was moving. So one by one I checked the different values, and descerned this. The reason they don't move is because they cannot recognize the locations of their different sides. Why is this?

They don't know their own x,y coordinates. Atleast they wont show up during runtime? Why is this? I don't know. Funny thing is, they must know their x,y cooridinates, or else they wouldn't be able to print up onto the screen, or perform their collision detection. It's so frustrating. If I can't fix the problem by tomorrow evening, I'll put it up on the forum and see what the community can do with it.

Anyhow, my boss seems to have forgoten I have Wednesday off, but it's just more money, I suppose. Plus, she gave me a PDA! Sweet. It's a... Palm IIIx. I love it though, even though it's a five year old model. It does what I need it too, efficiently at that. I'm just getting used to the graffitti system, too. Anyhow, I should sleep. More tomorrow.

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hi, this is my first ever post, but why not make a generic platform class, and have x and y as properties?? just a suggestion.

btw I have a palm 3 too....it pwns!!!

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I do. Thats not the problem. It doesn't move. It's a moving platform class. The platform therefor should move.


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