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Yay! I have finally managed to work out some commitment on my end to my projects for the first time in a while. I've spent the better part of the last few days working on my freelance site, C Plus Solutions, which will be up in the next couple of days. I'm almost finished with it. This is the first website that I haven't coded entirely by hand. I used front page to make it, and I must say once I figured the IDE out, it was a hell of a lot faster then coding html by hand. I have worked with it in the past, but never for my own sites.

I'm getting ready to work on C.F.L. some more right now, and I though I would take a minute or two to add a journal entry. I managed to finally see batman after two weeks of failed attempts. I must say that it was really a great movie. Probably the best I've seen this year. Also the best Batman since Keton.(spelling?) I hope that they do make a sequal, which is strange because I'm usualy tired of regurgitated ideas. At any rate, C.F.L. here I come.
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Good for you! Anyway, the website design isn't the hard part. The content is. So why waste too much time on the design by hand coding everything I say. Use all the tools available.

I haven't seen Batman. Actually, I'm pretty scared to see any movie these days. I usually get disappointed.

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