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Scene Graph

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Well, I did my reading (skimming) and I have come to the conclusion that I must toy with scene graphs. Previously, my games have all been fairly simple since they did not require many objects and were in 2D. In 3D, things are a bit more complex in terms of camera, lighting, 3d meshes and their relation to other 3d meshes, textures, rotations, translations, scaling, etc. I've got to come up with a generic data structure for these things.

What is a scene graph you say (or don't say but think to yourself quietly anyway to keep the story going)? Well this will get you started if you don't already know: The mysteries of scene graphs unveiled.

This is all old hat to a lot of you I'm sure, but keep in mind I'm just starting 3D. This is pretty much a note to myself (which does not mean I talk to myself).

In other news...
Buying a house is a #$(#*$(@#$! I just spent days of searching for one only to find I'm not comfortable putting down a mortgage as large as I was considering. After looking at the various mortgage options (which started to look the same), I have come to the conclusion that it is better to buy a house that has a low monthly payment so that I will have enough money to save over the long term to pay it off quickly or save more money and then buy one. The interest is really what kills ya--why pay double or triple? Also, I would like to have some fun and buy computers every now and then.. and possibly a new truck along the way. Oh, well back to the beginning on that.

I'm still thinking on the model... hmmm hmmm hmmm... *burp*
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Yeah, so far it has eaten up my weekends and left me sort of burned out. This fourth of July holiday coming up is sorely needed.

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Yes, scene graphics can be oodles of fun to both code and play with. Integrate it with some of that nice Lua scripting you mentioned earlier and there'll be a lot of fun for everybody. ;)

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Sounds interesting. I am now wondering about how I would try that integration. Arrrgghh.. I better get to work ,,, hehe

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Don't let home salesmen sell you a house outta the price range that gives you comfort. When Shelly and I were buying our first house in 1991, the sellers kept trying to sell us a house based on our income, which was a $110k house (this was 1991 and this is Texas). We took a pencil to it and saw that the payments would take up every dime of our income. We ended up buying a $50k house against our realtor's advice and never regretted it for a moment.

And don't do an interest-only loan. I'm amazed those things are legal.

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Yeah thanks for the advice Johnhattan. I am probably going to get a cheaper house. I already know about interest only loans.. that's trash. A lot of people are concerned with the interest rates also. In fact, I think people are ripping people off because of it (increasing the list price). If the interest rates go up, I figure that the house prices will go down. In addition, an airbase is closing very soon, so I'm holding out for a while. Talk about pressure though, my real estate agent is bugging me listing all the reasons why I should buy this house. LOL

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