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We have a badger badger badger icon? Sweeeeeeeeeet

Anyhew just spent lunch on this baby

Oooo yes, the unit test console goodness.

Well I inadvertently revealed a few things about my entry
1. My game will be called "Mercenaries of Broadwater"
2. My characters have their own games that are part of a greater whole.
3. I'm actually no where near done or at any graphics stage yet. Doh!

I'm starting out with the simplest character in my game, the robot game. The game logic is actually in a seperate lib, which links through to a unit test console app (as shown) and the same thing used in the actual graphic view. This does 4 things -
  • forces me to seperate view from logic.
  • forces me to think about modules
  • makes me get the non-graphical bits out the way first
  • I always have an automated way of checking a change has not broken anything as far as game logic goes.

Right now it's loading and saving very simple levels, and it can tell winning state, figure out what happens when players shoot at each other and save and load level states. And in the Agile way of things I'm using the least amount of effort to get by while still having sound code... so my level editor right now is... Notepad. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. [grin]

I was thinking if I get something decent in I might write an article or series of articles on developing one of the parts of the game using this Agile stuff. It's a new way of doing things for me, and perhaps documenting my experience may help others. I dunno if there would be much interest in such a thing though.

On none gamedev note - I will post higher res images of those thunder strikes on deviantart at some point. Though as my wife has just gone back to her homeland (the states) leaving me behind here in the UK (couldn't afford to go back with her this trip) and has taken the camera and laptop with her - I do not know when that will be.

I miss her already. Still we met on the net, done this all before we were married - we've not really been apart from very long since we've been married.

Still - should mean more time to spend on this 4E4 project. Though I also need to get my head down here back in the real world of work. Timesheets, activity reports... general meh-dom.
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What is this agile methodology you speak of? Interesting that you start with the logic. I tend to start with the graphics, sound, etc. and develop those tools first to see what I have to work with before logic. Let me know how it goes.

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