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I don't mean to sound pessimistic, but I think our 2D awesomness is going to be mauled by some of the insane 3D stuff.


Guess we have to focus extra hard on gameplay. And hire really good pixel artists. Preferably hot female ninja ones... mmm...

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Having looked at the picture before I read the words, I just assumed you were going for a cel-shading approach to the graphics [grin]


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My game will be 2D. If there are a lot of 3D games then hopefully the judges will get bored and think 'oh... another one of these...' but when they come to our 2D games BAM! 'WOW! TWO DIMENSIONS OF PURE AWESOME!'

That's what I'm hoping for anyway especially because my peak art talent allows me to create images that are only slightly better than your unfinished work here [smile]

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Remember, kids, graphics aren't everything - gameplay is where it should be at [grin]


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