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I'll See You On The Dark Side Of The Moon

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So, thought I'd conduct an experiment...

What would my thought pattern be like under the influence of ... !beer? (Hidden ref, go with it.)

For one, PINK FLOYD IS GAWWWD! Anybody who disagrees can go roll their eyes into ... cabbage rolls? WTF?

This music is truely ... Wow.

Holy crap - IT MAKES SENSE!~

Holy crap. It makes .... sense.

On a side note, I'm on a different plane of existance.

I'm here but I'm not.

Part of me is peaking through another dimension.

It's over? [sad]

Time for MOZART!~

Lacrimosa, from Requium For The Dead ......

Music of the gods.

Don't believe me? Get some !beer and ... Sorry, zoned, overtaken by the awesome music.

Epic man, freaking epic.

Just a note: I thought this would be a way more appropriate location to post this rather than posting it at the lounge.

I have no concept of time anymore, so it is not of concern to me.

Somebody in the quire just coughed, amazing.

I need a highq rip of these songs.

Oh! There's another good song!

Kyrie, starts off strange, but man does it ever hand out cans of 100% grade A preopened whoopass.

Awwww shiat.

Ok, I lied, this music clearly rocks all the way through.

!beer - learn it, love it.

Perhaps somebody could analyze this entry and make conclusions about !beer. *rubschin*

God damn this music is good.

I could feel like this every day of the week and not get sick of it.

Wow, it's almost ... Victorian.

*goes with it*


What the crappy crap. Amazing music.

HERE"S the part of the song. *grooves* .... *in his mind ;(*

This experiment is truely in the name of science, don't get me wrong.

Yeah, science.


Ahem. Composure ...

The vive les pants? WTF?

Nine In Nails - Piggy.


Anyway, I best go ... running low...


Until next time, folks!

You all rock hardcore! \m/ >_< \m/

- Yosh Out.

PS - LOL, proofread.
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Recommended Comments

lol..this sounds like an 'experiment' that needs to be conducted over and over and over again.

Pink Floyd rocks anyway without any stimulant imo :)

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evelyn, you're too nice. [grin]

And yes, Pink Floyd does rock reguardless. ^_^

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Yes I am as my many followers tell me (NOT!)

teehee..you're really not here but over there, aren't you?.

sleep it off and you'll be back in the old world soon :)

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You're stoned again, aren't you?


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LOL Mushu.

Thanks evelyn.

I'm going to stop replying now (at the time) as my rating is bombing.


Ahahaha ... [lol]


- Yosh Out.

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Yesterday I had the great idea to use my pipe only. A metal pipe. A metal pipe that likes to burn hands and lips. Hot, so hot, but so, so good. [lol]

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