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learning to script

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so yeah. this is what i'm going to learn for scripting. i might be getting a little ahead of myself, but i'm not getting any of the content done, so i might as well do something useful in the meantime. i've compiled it with gcc so its ready to use with dev-cpp (thanks lua community!) and now i need to play with it. into the docs with me, i guess! [working]

ok, i got to thinking a little. i'm going to use scripting for just about everything related to the content - excepting things i need to have in the backend. those things are the hardware communications routines, like timing, sound, graphics, and input. i need to expose that stuff to the scripting. as i think more on it, i suppose i don't want to force a bunch of it - like for instance, the title screen, inventory, and stuff like that. any kind of 'action' or 'thinking' sequence needs to be scripted.

i've read a bunch of the stuff about how to use lua, but i haven't read anything about how to use its api from C. what i want to do as my first test is have a program that loads a picture and bounces it around the screen until the user presses a key. i want to have lua pick the picture, and be in complete control of the movement. having it check for input is also going to happen from the script. the rest of the stuff, the actual hardware stuff, the picture load/unload, and the timing lock-down are going to be handled in the 'backend'. i think i'll skip to the api docs. [working]

ok wow. i can't seem to wrap my head around this stuff anymore. i'll have to try again later..
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I wish you luck. I have gotten Lua in as the scripting engine for my projects and I'm still learning alot. Mine was done in C#, so hope the Cpp works out well.

-- Eric 'Wackatronic' Tomlinson

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