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It's the small things...

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So, I put together a nice little list of the items I'd like to start banging out for my little game. When I say little, I really do mean "much smaller than my usual grandios ideas". It'll be a nice simple breakout clone with a few scoring differences and some new block types but overall the same ol breakout we all know.

As for the editor, I've decided to build it in-game to force myself to implement a nice GUI framework. I've already got the GUI framework I was working on for my uber-game engine, but I'd like to adjust a few things to it. Also...

Rather than making a huge "engine" I thought it might be more handy to other coders to break things up as modular as possible and post them on my website as I go along. One of the first things I did (while I was at work today...shhhhh don't tell anyone) was to convert my old math, logging, timer, and other miscelaneous classes over to the new library. I've got *tons* of documentation to do before I can post the stuff up on the website, but I'll try to get as much of that out of the way while I'm at my day-job as possible.

Something I used to do that I'd like to bring back is to force myself to put out a weekly screenshot (as soon as I get to the stage where I can do that). I should probably start working on a basic layout for the website so I can post what I have going now for code.

I'm having lots of fun with Battlefield 2. If your computer can handle it, I highly suggest picking it up. No, it's not an exact clone of Desert Combat for those of you who played that mod. It's pretty damn slick though. Oh yeah, and for all you 25+ year old gamers, come on over and join a fun group I found (2old2play.com). I'm the moderator of their PC games forums and we're trying to get a larger following of PC gamers to join us...so stop on by and say hello! (if you're 25 years of age or older of course....)

Homefly out.
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I'm 32 physically, but 10 mentally. Can I go to the site still? I need to pick up a copy of Battlefront 2 myself.

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