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I Can't Hear Anymore.....

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Sir Sapo


Howdy Fellas,

Before I get started I must say one thing: The Warped Tour was awesome. Although some of my favorite bands were absent: Anti-Flag (Minus the anarchal(word?) subliminal messages) , Rancid, etc, it was great. I got there at 10AM and left at 8PM, totally exhausted. Anyways...

I haven't done much code wise in about a week except set up the framerate limiter in A20. I have been fleshing out the story of Angels 20, which will be given to the player via between mission cutscenes (that everyone will skip anyway [wink]). I have been trying to weave in little things that I can use in a sequel or mission pack such as references to another squadron, etc. Another thing I have been thinking about is a sidescrolling "on the ground" shooter that would fit in the A20 universe, just from a different perspective (instead of delivering airstrikes as a pilot, you call them in as a Delta Force operative). I think it would be a cool way to make Angels 20 more than just a game with a transparent background story.

Another thing I have been working on is the levels for the single player A20. I have the first 3 laid out on graph paper, and soon I will use my level editor(which is still ugly... *sigh*) to get it into the game. Speaking of my level editor, I thought it would be cool if I made a feature that would save a .bmp of the map you made so you could put it online for all to see (and laugh at).

My artists should be done with the textures for the World War I era of the multiplayer portion soon, and I will make a compilation image like I did for A20 to show it off, but in the meantime look at my pretty Angels 20 banner I made 2 days ago.

Beautiful eh?

Fun Fact: The Soviet "Sickle and Hammer" thing is a bitch to draw in Paint.

I wanted to put a cool catch-phrase in between the 2 planes, but I couldn't come up with one that didn't sound cliched or retarded. The only one that reall sounded "OK" was : "Flight-Action Redefined", but that makes no sense. I mean come on, almost all of my ideas are from a game made in the 80's. So if anyone can think of a cool catch-phrase, please let me know.

Running off on another tangent, I saw War of the Worlds today, and it is actually a pretty damn good adaptation of Well's classic book (correct me if I am wrong, I read the book about 2 years ago). Anyways, it was good, and I recommend it to everyone who reads this ( all 2 of you). I also saw Land of the Dead 3 days ago and it was alright. The wierd part about Land of the Dead was that the intestines and blood really didn't bother me, but the zombies breaking their finger nails on the wall really got to me(anyone who saw it knows what I mean).

Well, thats all for now, and if you haven't, download Angels 20 from the GDS and tell me how it runs or what you liked/disliked.
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Played the game. Was very impressed. Loved the sound effects. When I died is there a way to restart without hitting esc?

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ukdm that is shear brilliance, your name goes in the credits if you let me use that.

NickGeorgia, thanks for the kind words, and yes, pressing R should reload the level you are on without having to exit out and go back in.

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Well you never know when some hardass is gonna make a big deal about it, just being on the safe side. Thx.

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