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Michael Tanczos


So yeah.. so this is my "developer" journal. More like a diary really. This entry concerns the U-17 soccer team I'm coaching.

I spent tonight's practice working some more advanced passing drills. We put together a lot of good combinations and developed some playmaking skills but it appears I have stumbled upon one roadblock I assumed my team would be over by now...

They can't pass.. I'm not talking any sort of sophisticated pinball type passing where you string together 18 consecutive passes in beautiful fluid motion.. I'm talking about single passes from one person to another.

A pass will often miss the mark, and then even if it doesn't miss the mark it will be fumbled upon reception.

Any soccer players out there come across effective ways to develop passing skills? The only thing I can honestly think of is to drill them for extended periods of time on those basic skills until they have them down. As for what drills to pick.. I'm not quite sure yet. It may be time to revisit the Coerver method.
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Get your kids in pairs and have them standing facing each other about 10 feet apart. Just get them to pass the ball back and forward to each other using the inside of their foot. The recipient has to trap the ball by placing the sole of his foot on it as it comes towards them and immediatley pass it back [smile].

Once they become proficient at that get them to do it while jogging in their lines so that they can do it on the move.

Also, get them in threes and have them pass the ball around in a triangle in a similar fashion. If you watch any professional or international soccer match you'll see they usually pass amongst themselves in little triangle formations.

Isn't soccer the most amazing sport [grin]!

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I just remember 2 things from learning about the standard inside of the foot pass:

- make sure to consistently place the standing foot alongside the ball
- follow through with the kicking foot, pointing the leg towards the target

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