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Hmmm, the future is wrong

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Apparently the Xbox360 and PS3 aren't much more impressive than today's PC processors due to crappy branch prediction and cheap-out cores.

It's not really all that surprising, advertising seems to be driving a lot of the "next-gen" stuff now that graphic quality is reaching a plateau.

In other news, I really want an NVidia GeForce 7800. If someone from NVidia is reading this, please send me one so that I may love your card forever. Unless it doesn't work in Linux. In which case I will stare at your card, and wonder why it doesn't work. However, depending on the prettiness of the physical card I may still love it forever in a purely aesthetic fashion.
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Apparently the Xbox360 and PS3 aren't much more impressive than today's PC processors due to crappy branch prediction and cheap-out cores.

Doesn't honestly surprise me... the consoles must have started manufacturing already (if not, very soon) thus even if they're at the absolute limit of what ATI/Nvidia/etc.. can do, they're effectively (great) current technology.

Bottom line though, I doubt there are many people on this planet that could REALLY tax a GeForce6800 (or 7800) to it's limits, in part because they (on the PC) have to spend at least some time for backwards compatability.

With a console, where every single unit has the same kick-ass piece of hardware, you can invest the time to stretch it to it's absolute limits - so the fact that it might only be "current PC tech" isn't as important as some people make out.

At least, thats what I think [smile]


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The way I look at it - i'm largely content with the current generation consoles, and even though the next gen stuff has no chance of living up to the hype Sony and Microsoft have been putting out - i'm sure they'll be better than what we have now (at least graphically).

The only games i've played that I thought would be significantly better on the next gen are Mercenaries and GTA San Andreas.

Then again the 2 games i've enjoyed the most recently are Katamari Damacy and Phantom Brave - they both have graphics that wouldn't look out of place on the PS1.

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