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Thinking about visuals

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Well I've got another test done and dusted, I've probably got about half a dozen more to write before I'll be ready for visualastion.

Now there's a screenshot thread that has been giving me something to think about. So my project plan is
  • Robot part business logic done
  • SDL 2D version of robot part of game
  • Ninja part business logic
  • SDL 2D version of ninja part of game
  • Combine components in to single game
  • Assess if it is actually possible to do the other parts of the games in the timescale

Now the Robot and Ninja parts of the game are still very unique as far as the other entries I've seen so far so I'll keep details of those to my chest. As they are the most unique parts I figure if I at least get 2 out of 4 of those elements in at least it's a valid entry whose gameplay stands out. Plus my ideas for the Robot and Ninja games can easily be realised in 2D... the pirate part would be difficult in 2D though. The zombie part would be better in 3D too.

All 4 could be done in 3D, but I do not know if I have time to learn Ogre and fiddle with related tools to get it done. Its either Ogre or SDL + Opengl. Although I do have a little experience and a few books on DirectX. I dunno - I certainly do not want to let myself get caught in the tarpit that is 3d engine creation.

I do have a whole story arc written down in my log book involving all four characters - but I could change the story a bit to just be ninja and robot if necessary.

I figure the best course is to just get something in and done.

The approach I've taken for this project means that as SDL, Ogre or whatever is just an abstract view of what is actually going on in the games - I should be able to switch the visual part of the code without changing any of the business logic at all.

So I'm hoping that at this stage the lack of visuals just means where as people have more stuff on screen, I have more stuff going on behind the scenes.
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