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Power is somewhat lacking... need to reroute the coupling capacitor systems

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Having just got comfortable with some of the aspects of my editor I realise the current map format is just not powerful enough. Instead of control over whole primitives I need control over verticies. So I am right now changing the whole map format- instead of cubes/spheres etc I have decided to make the most basic element a polygon and then I can have a kinda embedding system where I can declare a cube and then declare the different polygon elements. Within the polygon elements I declare the verticies and their co-ordinates. I should really have thought this through before starting on the format- polygons should be the most basic elements...

This will hopefully give me a far greater amount of power and control over the architecture of levels within the engine.

Having said that, its still as basic as shit. I'm not expecting the next UnrealEd but at least something to create content for my engine.

It seems to me the most amount of time in single handedly writing an engine goes into writing the tools for content development rather than the core engine itself. I guess the next largest amount of time is taken up with content delivery. But it has certainly been quite an eye opener developing an engine.


In other news:

I got my girlfriends prom/ball thingy tonight. I had mine last year and thought it sucked (it was her who got me to go to mine) but this time its her finishing school so I gotta go and escort here there. Getting nicely gothed up and being a bit victorian. Sadly I gotta go in a limo- I cannot stand limos!

Nothing else at all interesting.
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