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Bank of America just purchased the company I work

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The company I work for (Nexstar) was just purchased by MBNA two months ago. Today it was announced that MBNA will be purchased by Bank of America.


This Yahoo article says that there will be 6000 jobs cut as a result.

ouch [sad]
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We will see. The deal closes at the end of the year, and there are a lot of potential anti-trust issues, so who knows it may not even go through... but if I go it's not the end of the world. Maybe I'll actually get to finish Epoch Star.

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Oh - and it might be a good idea to choose a font for your website consistent with your in-game font if possible :-)

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Hey doc,

as always, I appreciate you letting me know these things,.. but these are the comments on my "I might get sacked tomorrow" posting.[smile] Out of curiosity did you realize that or did you accidentally reply to the wrong journal entry? [wink]

Take it easy [smile]

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Maybe MBNA will stop calling me and asking me to get another credit card from them.

But seriously, I hope you make it out alright.

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