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Development tools and a plug..

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Last night I came across the recently-released IDE/compiler/language, BlitzMax, an updated off-shoot of the widely known BlitzBasic. Hold on there. According to many common generalizations of BlitzBasic users, I have just undergone an instantaneous transformation into a 14-year-old kid who knows nothing about 'real' programming and can only (barely) get away using this simple BASIC dialect. Wrong. I've been programming for 7 years, and am fluent with Delphi, C++, C#, and a few other languages. I understand OOP, and other programming patterns. Just because I've chosen to use a tool commonly used by inexperienced programmers doesn't mean that I'm automatically one of them. I've seen BlitzBasic/DarkBasic users on this forum get slandered because of their choice, and it's terrible. From what I've seen of BlitzMax so far, I can pump out a game pretty darn fast. The only downside I see is that the OOP capabilities of it are limited, and I can't do any super-processor-/graphics-intensive stuff due to its speed. But so what? The end-users care about a playable fun game, right? So keep your elitist C++ evangelism off my front porch and praise game developers for what they do, no matter what the language: writing fun games!

On a lighter note, I graduated from highschool on Tuesday. Yes, we even got to throw our hats up in the air in a quasi-dramatic fashion. It felt good. Now to secure a summer job and wrack* in enough cash for some post-secondary goodness.

I also felt inclined to plug my recent release into the GD.NET Showcase, Meteorites. I wrote the game quite a while back, so I'm capable of much more hardcore stuff, heh, but it's been sitting on my harddrive for ages and I never got to share it with anyone. So take a look and support my ego -- er, motivation. ;)

* Did I use the right form of 'wrack' here? When I say, "wrack in cash", should it be "rack in cash"? This word has eluded me for a while, and my inability to pick up a dictionary only makes things worse. :P
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I thought the expression was rake in the cash. You know like leaves , but I may be wrong.

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You're probably right. I have a tendancy to mix up sayings. But, I guess that's how the cookie dissolves. :/

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