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Ba da da dum

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Today for my game development related time I sat down with my sketchbook and a bunch of game soundtracks and tried to come up with some character designs for my long term project.

Right now I have basically solid ideas for three of the main protagonists and several of the minor protagonists, but most new ideas I come up with aren't very suitable for good guys. On the other hand, there was maybe one usuable idea for a villain in there.

Good thing I do this stuff for fun, or I might be more annoyed by my lack of progress.

As an aside, while Final Fantasy VIII wasn't the best of games, it had a really nice soundtrack.
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Who says the `good guy` has to be good? ;)

(I.e. lesser of evils)

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I'm fine with morally ambiguous heros. I already have one of those planned. The problem is more like the character concepts were too overpowered to be one of the protagonists. To put it context, the game is a turn based tactical game in a fantasy setting. So the character design for the guy who basically ignored gravity at will would be unbalancing as one of the good guys, unless added as a party member late in the game, but for various reasons having to do with the overall plot, it would be awkward to do so.

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But can your game pleeeease have a decent email client built in with spam filtering? ;)

Michael Tanczos

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