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BF Macros

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This is not a "new" EPL.
This is not an EPL "enhancement".
This is a tool to assist in the writing of BF by raising the level of abstraction.
And if you think of this as "cheating": unless you program solely in machine code, you can STFU.

I've got an idea of what the macro language should look like (it is rather C/C++-ish):

#define ZERO(x) >(x)[-]<(x)
#define POSITION 10



expands to:


which expands to:


which expands to:


a negative value is represented with a leading '~' instead of '-', because '-' is already a BF instruction.

>(~x) becomes <(x)
<(~x) becomes >(x)
+(~x) becomes -(x)
-(~x) becomes +(x)
.(~x) becomes ,(x)
,(~x) becomes .(x)
[(~x) becomes ](x)
](~x) becomes [(x)

in the end, everything still winds up as BF code, suitable for any BF interpreter.

Of course, I'm doing the thing backwards, so step one becomes:

turn this:




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