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Some doesn't like what I said...

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I just noticed my rating dropped about 70 points. I don't remember saying anything TOO harsh to anyone. Someone must be a little touchy :(.

And all this time of being helpful where I can, my rating goes down the drain. Not like it matters that much, but it's still pretty shitty since I really do look at peoples ratings to judge them to a certain extent, and I imagine other people on here do as well.
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Time is always the best displayer of consistancy. Keep on being a generally good person, and your rating will eventually reflect it. People can be whimsical in ratings, unfortunately. :/

Additionally: Welcome the journals! :)

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I never take much stock in ratings. It's all about what people are doing stuff that interests you.

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Thanks for the kind words guys.

I'm going to start updating this journal more often with updates on my current project, Existence.

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Scares me I hope people don't just like to come here and rank people low just because they post something they "disagree" with. I would understand if you said something bad or evil, or against someone, but not posting something you just think of.

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