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Axim Hell

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I look on the dell site to check on some stuff in my account, and I notice there is a new special - get a free Windows Mobile 5.0 CD with the purchase of a new Dell Axim X50v. I thought I might as well try to get it since I JUST bought mine, so I go to online support and talk to them, and it should suffice to say they didn't like that idea. After going through 3 support personel, I realized I could just return my Axim (21 day return period) and get a new one under the exact same deal (except for the bonus CD). I tried using that to leverage some people, but no dice on that either.

Now, don't misunderstand me and think I'm just giving them hell - I was willing to buy the CD (the promotion says $39 value), but a short talk with a sales representative quickly revealed that the CD was only for the promotion and was not for sale seperately.

After a few more people, I finally got a number with extension that I'll try when I get home, but I'd just like to say that I'm rather disappointed that it looks like I'm actually going to have to send it back and get a new one to get the windows upgrade for my Dell Axim X50v. It seems like it would have to be costing them more money for all the support I've gone though, to process the return and new order etc than it would for them to just give me the '$39 value' promotion.

Update: The number and extension took me to the same place I'd already been (but last time it was with an entirely different number and no extension).

Update #2: After talking to 9 people (no exaggeration) without success, I finally decided to go ahead and get the return process started so I could get the free CD. That person (the 10th at Dell I've talked to) immediately told me that I didn't need to return it and that he would update my account and email me the info for the free CDs. If only more people over there had that kind of sense =-|
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I got my X50v a while ago. Is there an ISO to download therby foregoing the $50 ripoff?

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Most businesses are like that. Telemarketers are lazy and don't tend to really know whats going on. I've had a lot of run arounds with similair instances and it usually takes a threat of returning services or abandoning services entirely to get results. Once you take that step though, I've always seen results.

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