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Small Update

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Right, I'm gonna make a post today as much because I'm bored as this'll be the sixth day in a row [smile]

What do you think of my new green header thingy-wotsit above? Needs a logo/graphic I think...

Watched Silence Of The Lambs tonight, been a while since I last saw it, but dumbass me finally twigged what the title means [headshake]

I'd ideally like to be updating with some info on my experiments with the programmable pipeline, but sadly I've just been doing a lot of reading so not a lot to say really.

The reading has primarily been on the basics of implementing the reflection lighting models - Ambient (why bother?!), Diffuse (easy), specular (nice blinn-phong stuff)... Next chapter is bump mapping, which is a fairly staple pshader effect these days [lol]

I haven't had time to try it yet, but with the basic maths/algorithms on paper now I keep thinking to myself: what happens if I change that?

A long time ago I implemented my own static lightmapping code, and managed to entertain myself for far too long by bending the laws of physics... they say light travels in straight lines? looks a lot more "interesting" if you replace that with curved light [grin]

Till next time...

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Actually (you had to bring up physics), light only travels in a straight line in the vacuum of space, as a consequence of the principle of least action (although according to Feynman's Path Integral techniques, light traces an infinite amount of paths to its destination from its source all at the same time, the sum of which though, is a straight line...). Within a gravitational field of say a planet or sun, the path of light is infact curved and many cool effects can and do occur.

More cool though, is when light is placed in a photo refractive medium and made to spiral around each other..

I dont mind the kiwi green, although it could be cooler.

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That green header gives me a headache! [totally]

I think I'll tone it down a bit when I have time. I pretty much just copied it from the "Tip box" thing that I was using in the DX shaders page I made...

Actually (you had to bring up physics)

As soon as I re-read what I posted, I knew it was only a matter of time before you picked up on my trivial physics thing [grin]

You know more about it than me, but in my ray tracer I created 3 completely random points and then drew a bezier section between the light and the last point. Oh, and I made it so that the light had "reversed attenuation" - it got brighter the further from the source.

I'll try and dig up a screenshot of it, but it looked like a somewhat psychadelic tripped-out experiment with the entire range of Dulux paint [oh]

btw, that link on bending light is pretty cool.

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