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Two entries in a month- what's the world coming to

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I had a little idea for a shareware product, so I'm working on that right now. It's actually a tool that I've been needing myself for quite some time now, but I haven't been able to find one suitable for my needs. So, naturally as a software engineer, I'm going to create my own. It's getting to the point where the issue I need the tool for is affecting my productivity, so I've decided to sit down and get to work on it.

As a result, I finally checked out MFC's CSocket capabilities. Pretty neat stuff, and it will certainly speed up what I need to do here. I have the very basics of the application working, but most of what I've done is toying with the tech, so I can come up with a better design for the app.

Also finished a couple more presentations for the BOGLGP resource CD last night. I'll be tackling Dave's chapters starting tomorrow to help him out. I'm not sure what I think about the rest of the "requirements" for this CD.. we'll see about them.

Getting sidetracked, someone explain to me how the Atlanta Braves are in first place in the NL East.. the Marlins need to pick it up a notch. St Louis is on a tear.. ridiculous.

Oh, reading another book now. This one is called "Execution" - it's a business book. Well written, motivating read. I'm already able to apply a number of things after only reading the introduction and first chapter.
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As a Cubs fan, it is especially painful how St. Louis' recent tear has left them with a 10 game lead in the NL Central. Everything just seems to have come together for them: an extremely potent offense, good starting pitching, and a good bullpen.

In today's game (against the Cubs), they came back from an 8-2 deficit to win 11-8! Of course, part of that was the absolutely poor work of the Cubs bullpen (giving up 9(!) runs in four total innings of work), but a good deal of that was the Cardinals' amazing offense (Albert Pujols was 5 for 5!).

So much for what was supposed to be a marquis year for the Cubs...

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Yeah I don't get it.. I thought the Cubs were going to be in 1st place the majority of the year. Maybe they'll hit a nice win streak sometime in the second half to at least make the NL Central an interesting race for 1st.

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