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Last One Tonight, I Promise(maybe)

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#define LESS(first,second,temp,temp2) COPY(second,temp,temp2) \//temp=second;temp2=0;
TESTZERO(temp,temp2) \//temp=(temp==0);temp2=0;
IF(temp) \//if(temp){
ZERO(first) \// first=0;
ENDIF(temp) \//}temp=0;
WHILE(second) \//while(second){
COPY(first,temp,temp2) \// temp=first;temp2=0;
TESTZERO(temp) \// temp=(temp==0);temp2=0;
INC(temp2) \// temp2++;
IF(temp) \// if(temp){
DEC(temp2) \// temp2--;
SET(first,TRUE) \// first=TRUE;
ZERO(second) \// second=0;
ENDIF(temp) \// }temp=0;
IF(temp2) \// if(temp2){
DEC(first) \// first--;
DEC(second) \// second--;
COPY(second,temp,temp2) \// temp=second;temp2=0;
TESTZERO(temp,temp2) \// temp=(temp==0);temp2=0;
IF(temp) \// if(temp){
ZERO(first) \// first=0;
ENDIF(temp) \// }temp=0;
ENDIF(temp2) \// }temp2=0;
ENDWHILE(second) \//}

Look at the PITA it is to simply check if something is LESS than something else!

Of course, if it works, it means I never actually have to do it with the silly BF instructions, I can just use the macro, which means I can perform more useful, higher level work.

"Useful" being a rather questionable term here.
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I must say you are quite clever. But that's a bit like a snail telling a bird he's a good flyer. [smile]

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re: Diamondmaze

You ever play a game called Kroz, written by our esteemed colleague Scott Miller?

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actually, I had never heard of Kroz prior to today.

Diamondmaze was a game that I wrote for an ex-girlfriend (written, of course, at a time when she was not my ex-girlfirend). She wanted "a game with keys and doors and monsters where you collect stuff", which is basically what DiamondMaze is.

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