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Isomorphic mappings between a Complex n Psuedo Complex space

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I was speaking the other day on the foundations of Quantum mechanics -a woefully understudied phenemenom- with a friend a few days ago and we were talking about the famous interference experiment, specifically how one photon can be in like 50 places at once...(or something like that) and stumbled on an idea that I feel is important. I'll have to run it by some people first and do not have the time yet to follow that direction properly (other things to work on) but I'll record these ideas here anyway. Asides, this will take years to bring to fruition, no need to jump the gun.

Some years ago, Richard Feynman stated that the most important thing anyone can learn about quatum mechanics was the interference joint dealie showing matter has wave and all that... and so thinking on that I came upon an idea which AFAIK, has never been explored -which is not suprising, everyone just goes the string theory direction-, I'll have to do some research first.

Nonetheless the core of the idea is to do with a precise formulation of the idea of a conformal mapping (see section 3 on complex analysis) between two very different, yet essentially similar spaces. I believe the extension of the Minkowski space, where certain definitions are introduced to allow for a space time that is more in league with certain things as requrired by a universe which follows the rules of QM is the key. The details of how this would work as yet eludes me.An idea, a backwards one - define a space for which a homorphisim from a complex space, specifically those related to the concept of wavefunctions, is possible yet fits with the observables with our reality. I will post on how this idea develops every so often, if it has merit, then there are big things ahead for me...

This whole quantum mechanics is un-understandable propoganda seems like nonsense to me, I see nothing but a mathematics that is not too difficult but does not seem to have a realistic basis. All im doing is arguing why and how reality can and should be modified so that such "confusions" do not arise (thats all physics is, really). It is appropriate, it takes highly abstract mathematics to make the highly abstract concepts of QM as mundane. Ill tell you all (that is, if anyone reads my nonsense) what someone more knowledgable than I has to say on this. If it is a direction worth persueing.
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**scratches head**
Nods and agrees

Seriously though, if you can take a new angle on something and produce something new(?) and interesting then best of luck to you [grin]

We had "Einsteins Theory Of Relativity", but now it's "Daerax's Theory That Mere Mortals Can't Comprehend" [lol]


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Thanks Jack, thats why I am so keen on seeing others suceed as well. But it wont be a new theory, just some obsucre mods, most non physicists probably wouldnt even hear about the modifications.

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