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Sir Sapo


Hey guys,

Today pretty much sucked. I spent about 4 hours in 103 degree weather shoveling rocks into wheelbarrows and then moving them to my back yard, dumping them, spreading out the rocks, then repeating the process over again. 4 hours of that crap. The dust got in my eyes, and now my asthma is acting up (I haven't had it for years). Add to that the fact that I just spent about an hour trying to get stupid GLFONT to color the stupid text, so that I can finish adding an ammo indicator to Angels 20. I started a thread in the OpenGL Forums about my problem, but it doesn't seem to be attracting attention so if anyone knows how, please let me know.

Thats really all I coded today, I am running out of ambition for this project, and I dont want to. Angels 20 is the best and most complete game I have ever made, and I want to see it through to the end, but sometimes it is too easy to get distracted by another cool idea.

I'm really not sure in which order I should be doing the stuff for this project. Part of me says, "Finish up the single player engine so you can make levels and be done with it". Another part says, "Make the Dogfight Online thing work so you can actually have some fun with your teammembers while "beta-testing". Then the other part of me just keeps rambling on in Russian about something or other(I usually ignore that voice, its full of angst).

On the plus side of things, I have a catchy slogan for Angels 20 that ukdm came up with after my last post, you can see it on the banner at the top of the page. Of course for every good thing that happens, 2 bad things must: My artist left town for 2 weeks to go visit his relatives, which leaves me in charge of making some images for testing Dogfight Online. I will post my programmers art in my next post because I haven't started anthing yet.

Oh yeah, my rating went over 1100 today, WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!! Now I'll just watch it plummet as people read that last line...

Well, I guess I will talk to you guys later.
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There is nothing that says you can't work on two projects at once (unless it's somewhere in the rules.. which i never read). It might take a little while longer, but hey, as my broker always says diversify, diversify, diversify... or he may say something slightly different if I misspelled it.

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