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How do we come up with new game genres

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Well, here we go again, trying to understand things. Let's see if we can make a "new" type of game through understanding what we have to work with. This might be several journal postings long. But let's first start at from the player's perspective.

First of all, we could start with what's out there and has been successful in the past such as RTS, FPS, .. etc. Yeah sure, we could do these. Do we want to? nah.. we are original, creative people who want to impress the ladies with our geeky games. "Hey Marge, look at my new game, wanna go get some ice cream?.... well OK, fine... how dare you diss my MMORPG with 10 different races and 200 combinations of attributes... I didn't want to go out with you anyway!"

OK, so players can see, hear, and feel. Boy these organisms are rather limited... oh well.

Dang.. I ran out of time... gotta get to work, but looking forward to the long weekend.
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OMG you write some of the funniest posts and the time to post a picture. You have a general genious that is so hard to pin down because of your sense of humor.

This picutre is so funny!

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