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Happy July

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Welcome to July, I hope you will enjoy your stay. Today is the last day of work before I take a nice week off (yay).

I've got a good jump on converting some of my old code to the new library, and documenting the hell out of it, using Doxygen.

So far I've converted over the following classes
and all of the classes associated with my Function Binding Libary(FUBI).

My next stop is to get the FUBI editor in a 'releasable' state so that I can put out my FUBI library for all to enjoy. That shouldn't take much time so I can move on to my sprite library.

Since I have an entire week off I'd really like to get a good jump on the editor for my breakout clone. *Not* getting sucked into hours and hours of battlefield 2 will be tough, but I'm sure I can manage :)

As soon as I have a release/demo of FUBI I'll put it up on my webspace here. I'm also contemplating starting a little website to house tutorials and code. With the recent announcement of NeHe's site going over to gamedev that kind of got me thinking, there isn't really a definitive site for DirectX programming like his. NeXe was an attempt, but that's been around for a couple of years now and still hasn't really gotten off the ground. I dunno, just an idea, we'll see how time permits on that one though.

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Uninstalling the game is the only way to stop hours of Battlefield play :-)

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