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OS links

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Somewhat important are the Intel manuals:


This site also has mirrors, I found the Intel site quite slow so I got them from here when I downloaded them.

(Some more links can be found in the comments)
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Hey, I am interested in learning more on how to create an OS. I just don't know where to start. Any ideas for me Penten? What tools do I need? Thanks.

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You will need:
a compiler (I use GCC)
a linker (LD from the DJGPP binutils)
an emulator or an old computer (I use bochs)
a brain

You can either start by writing a bootloader or just use GRUB or some other bootloader, I started writing my own but GRUB is just so much better that I skipped to the fun stuff (writing the kernel) quite fast.

I then suggest reading all the simple tutorials on simple kernels you can find.

My kernel is still very, very small so I can't offer much help. Be ready to do a lot of reading though.

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Okay, maybe you should post this in the main part of your journal for all those that are interested. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it!

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