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Stop. Dev Time!

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I am sure everyone will be pleased to hear, that i am taking next week off work (vacation), and will be devoting it to R&R and MW.

lets go to the chart shall we?


That gives me, 8 Days of PRIME developing time! plus two more - half days (friday night and sunday morning).

Now, if any of you are saying (gee. with all that time maybe the game will be finished when he comes back!) you just might be right, a lot depends on many things (how I am feeling, zac's participation during this week, weather(it effects things!(I find overcast-misty/rainy days are best for development, YMMV)).

All in all I can guarentee one thing, the second beta will begin once I return from vacation, or sooner.

It would be great if everyone interested in MW, cheers us on for this week, it would be a great confidence booster to see all the people who are interested.

Whee, T - 3 Hours till development splurge!
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*cheers* Rock on dude! Woooooooo! Dev Time Galore!!!

>pops open a soda< !!!

Overcasted and Rainy days rule for dev'n!

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Make sure you don't stock up too much on food and drink for it all beforehand - taking a break to go down the shop every once in a while is good for your head.

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Yes, sunlight helps a bit, only a bit though.

Oh, and thanks for the tips about the file formats [wink].

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