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Time lines

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I still am in awe at the speed at which time passes. It seems differential at times. It is a supposed constant, but really it's our perception of time that really matters, as individuals. At any rate, it goes by too fast it seems in the long run. As such I find myself procrastinating a lot unless I structure my time. So, I've done just that by making various task lists for production, to meet certain versions.

I am still planning on entering the four elements contest, but as previously mentioned, I won't even begin design on my submission until I have released my next version of C.F.L., which will be version 0.5 . Initially, I figured that this would only take me a few weeks. I of course was wrong overlooking the tens of unfinished modules, and the plethora of unfinished content currently built from the frame work. Not to mention the more that I work on C.F.L. the more I realize that I have a lot to do in order to come close to my initial vision for the game. So, here is my current task list that I will have completed within a weeks time.

C.F.L. Task List : June 29th - July 6

This will bring the version up to 0.3

1. Finish reformatting Text

2. Finish writing enemy descriptions for the battle system.

3. Finish writing questions for the battle system.

4. Create chance system in it's entirety.

5. Create Bad Luck system in it's entirety.

6. Create Good Luck system in it's entirety.

7. Create Help system in it's entirety.

8. Create an ASCII map of SpAnkeny Iowa, as well as a function
to display the map.

9. Create command to allow the player to return to the title screen of the game.

10. Create generate suicide function.

11. Create shortcuts for the movement system as well as the inventory, list, and map to be displayed.

12. Add the entire population of girls from the design doc to the in game list.

13. Go through all the code, check spelling and formatting.

14. Rewrite GenResponse function entries to reflect more current events, also add more responses.

Thats actually a lot of stuff to do for a weeks time, but as I said that only brings the version up to 0.3, so It will probably be another month before the next release of C.F.L. and as such another month before I can begin working on my 4E submission. I have to go to work now though, so that's all for now.
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You're turning into my Dad you know... always organizing things. Hehehe... Anyway, I hope you get things done. My goal is to get my 3D stuff up and running.

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