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I'm a made man...

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So, if you hadn't spotted the lounge thread already -> This year's Most Valuable DirectX Master is... (Thanks to Daerax!) I got awarded MVP status today.

So, what wasn't in that thread that I can put here... hmm, not sure [smile]

The first part was actually quite funny, I was on a Java programming course at work - useful but mostly boring stuff about things I'll never use. So I load up GDNet on my laptop and pretend to take course notes ([rolleyes]), but see the "1 New Private Message" thing bouncing around in the corner.

Turns out the PM was the official "Congratulations on your MVP award nomination" message. Stupid me had just taken a mouthful of coffee prior to this, almost choked on it - I was quite genuinely surprised to see that message.

Of course, the other 12 people in the room looked round at me thinking that I'd choked on my coffee because of something the lecturer had said [headshake]

That was on the 12th May. I think I was smiling for at least a few days -> [smile]

Some communication goes back-and-forth as a result, and it seems that I had to wait about 6 weeks to find out the verdict.

Given that I was quite surprised to receive a nomination (To me it was like the equivalent of being an "Oscar Nominee") I was pretty sure the result could go either way - especially if you look at the amazing stuff the other DirectX MVP's do (or have done!)...

I mentioned it in my reply to that lounge thread, but I wouldn't of gotten the award if someone hadn't taken the time to nominate me. Many thanks to that person [grin]

Anyway, thats all for now - I'm pretty tired and I have a busy day tomorrow. I've got some more progress/updates on my programmable pipeline adventure that I'll try and get released tomorrow

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Congratulations Jack. For the record, you were bound to become an MVP sooner or later, because all of us had our eyes on you. I've talked this with circlesoft about a month ago and we were pretty much in agreement. [smile]

I was waiting for the next quarter evaluation to nominate you, because at first I didn't know about your DirectX with Visual Basic efforts, and so was waiting for your presence on the forums to be greater than 6 months or something.

As for who nominated you, my guess is it's either David Eccleston (Namethatnobodyelsetook), Nikke Suni (Nik02) or Richard Fine (Superpig). My 6th sense says it's superpig.

Now with the MSDN subscription, you'll get a BUCKET-load of software. You'll get stuff you didn't even know it existed [grin]. More importantly, you'll have all the tools you need - no more looking around for free tools.

Cheers Jack, and congratulations again.

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Very well deserved is all I'm saying!

I coded a doom style game in VB based off Jack's tutorials once, it was a great feeling at the time [smile]

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YAYYYY GOOD JOBS!!! Lotsa freebies too!

Awesome work man. Now, join the dark side (OpenGL) or die.

Thou shallst not befoul this holiest among threads with thine words of supreme blashphemy. T'would do thee well to hold thy tongue, lest thee be forced to face mine wrath. [razz]

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