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Your roof is too long, it looks like it is hanging over and has kind of a canopy. See if you can shorten it on the left side by about three pixels.

Also take a look at the lighting perspective on the window "alcoves"; they seem to differ. So, either there are two independent light sources (which would eliminate the shading on the different walls) or your perspective is weird.

Other than that, beautiful! I wish I had the patience to make isometric art.

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I should've said that I didn't make the windows (and they probably look like that because I just copied the one on the left, flipped it, and pasted it on the front.)

Now that you've said that, the roof does look to long.

What do you mean, I made this in less than 2 minutes.


There, what do you think now (my eyes are going on me, I need to get a new moniter.)

I added a shadow and I shaded the left wall accordingly.

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I think it looks great now. Maybe you can texture the wall a little bit, add some stucco along the base and some dirt on the door. Make it look real, perhaps.

Some shingles would really bring out some "pop" as long as you don't overdo it.

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I added tiles and I agree, it looks better. I tried adding texture to it, but it just looks crappy (I don't have the colors that were used stored in my palette.)


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