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Whoa that was scary

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So I saw War of the Worlds tonight. It was pretty good. Those tripods were crazy insane and were all I had hoped for. It kinda sucked a bit when my friends started poking holes in the damn movie - I hate that crap. I finally got them to shut up, although they did make a good point in that if the EMP destroyed all the nearby electronics, how'd that guy have a working video camera?

But whatever. It had great humor and Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning were awesome. That kid Roger (I think it was Roger, my memory sucks) needed to calm the hell down and freaking run away from the danger. Yeesh.

The most messed up part though was when we exited the theater there were lightning flashes going off like every 5 seconds or so. That was kinda freaky [smile] but at least we heard thunder, so that was good.

Yea, still getting my head back around T2D - no major developments at this time.

Oh and I have an update to my Batman video. Click to read up on the reason behind it's removal and then click on the link in that entry to see the update.
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