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No shit

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So I was told that I shouldn't post bullshit on my journal.
Today's entry will have no shit, but a lot of urine:

This one is a real story that happened to me on thursday. So I'm at work, and pretty annoyed at it as usual, and I feel like I have to go take a leak. Then I think I might amuse myself by trying to hold it as much as possible, and then seeing a long continous stream of urine for a couple of minutes when I finally relieve myself.

So I don't go. And have in mind that I drink a lot of water/juice when I'm at work. So anyway, I hold it for another 1.5 hours until I feel like it's really about to explode now. So I go, and I see the most horrible thing.
Just as I get in the hallway, I see the janitor putting up the "out of order" sign on the bathroom and going in to clean up the bathrooms. Ouch.
I go back and start complaining to the guys in the non-existent place and try to keep my mind occupied for a few minutes. It was a terrible looong 5 minutes until I finally went back and was releived to see that the sign is gone.

Though, it wasn't my longest one, this one only took 73 seconds until my bladder was empty.
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Rob, it makes you feel afraid and sexually ambiguous? I bet the janitor is part of a great urination conspiracey. The mop mason's have been playing God with our blatters for years. I say it's time to take the power back. Everyone, grab a urinal cake, walk across freshly mopped floors. As captian planet says, " The Power is Yours!"

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