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Current mood: WTF THis is not livejournal or other angsty crappy fucking blog site for people to post their current mood and shit. But at any rate, I'm feeling like something.
Current song: ... (see above)

Summary of events as of last night/this morning:
  • Hippo fucked his password (something stupidly long)
  • Ravuya fucked his game ("purity of cunts" and no purpose)
  • Someone fucked my brain (no comment)
  • Dave fucked the forums (or maybe someone else)
  • Mith fucked himself (as usual)
  • Other people fucked other things (or other people)

Yay it's summer, lots of fucking in the air!

Oh yeah, kids, please don't read any of this post (thanks Laz)

Also, oh look! A new dot in the calendar
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How did I fuck myself?

Oh let me think about it for a second. You're moving in with a psychopath? Oh yeah, you're marrying her, and you don't even know her.

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