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If it doesn't go right this time...

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Ok, I FINALLY (FINALLY), FINALLY got my freaking computer parts ordered AND confirmed. NCIX denied my transaction (twice) and seemingly banned me from their site for who knows what reason. Then, Tigerdirect cancelled the transaction I made there UNTIL I called today and straightened things out.

Apparently because I called over the phone the order is "instantly approved" or something along those lines. The representitive said that the order will ship this afternoon or early tomorrow morning and SHOULD arrive within five to seven business days. This better work, and I'm sure it will. The only hurdle to get over now is UPS and their retarded employees who don't know where to ship shit.

So, without further adue...





That is all.

- Yosh Out.
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Have you ever ordered anything UPS before?

I hope you have lots of glue on hand to put together what their idiot employees broke. Hell, they managed to break a fucking cable for me once.

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Don't you hate ordering stuff that gets mailed to ya sometimes? Often, it's like trying to climb Mt. Everest when it should be like sitting on a sandy beach with Jessica Simpson (while her husband is away).

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How in the hell do you BREAK a CABLE in the MAIL?! That's beyond me - truely, these UPS people are gifted in dumbassery.

What's funny is how, a while back, when I ordered a case fan (that was the improper size) from Tigerdirect, McGinnis Express (UPS local handlers) didn't know where the hell to ship it JUST BECAUSE there was no P.O. Box or General Delivery or what have you. It made its way all the way to PEI, yet Retardo Fucktard Express didn't know where to ship it. Beyond me, truely.

FedEx isn't much better, though. Simply putting "General Delivery" as my address (with the city, postal code, name, all that) has worked countless times. See, General Delivery means the post master knows where the fuck it goes, so you bring it to the fucking POST OFFICE. But no, FedEx called saying they didn't "know where to ship it". Retardation.

Sorry, I just hate puralators of any form. Canada Post all the way, yo'.

EDIT - Oh yeah, this time 'round I put in the local post office's civic address number. If they fuck this up (which they undoubtedly will), I'll shit a concrete pillar.

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