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Tub sized

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Ok now that I've got your attention, go into the GDS showcase and download my masterpiece, MacMan II. If you don't download it I'll have to cry myself to sleep tonight and nobody wants that. Here's a screenshot to get your cursor moving:

Also I've been working on a GBA emulator named FatMan for the past month. So far it only has:

- All ARM opcodes except for the co-processor ones.
- Full ARM disassembler(as shown in screenshot).

I've been able to load a 16-bit image into the video RAM, but since it's a console app I couldn't really display it. I've started on the Windows version and hope to have graphics modes 3 and 5 done. They should be pretty easy to emulate since they're just linear 16-bit bitmap modes. Once THUMB opcodes and DMA transfers are done I should be able to run any mode 3 or 5 GBA game.

@textarea 0x08000000
mov r0,#0
ldr r5,=0x02223333
ldr r10,=0x04223357
ldr r12,=0x88889999
ldr r3,=0x02000100
stm r3,{r5,r10,r12}
mov r5,#42
mov r10,#255
mov r12,#0x1000
ldmia r3!,{r5,r10,r12}
ldr r0,=loop
bx r0


Edit: Damn GIFs. They look fine in the PhotoShop preview, but in anyother program they're totally messed up.
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One of the things I always found the internet sorely lacking was a good tutorial on writing an emulator (as in, what information needs to be gathered, the principle understandings behind an opcode, how to pretend to be hardware, et cetera). I think if you get the time, you should consider it. I know a lot of us would find it a fascinating read.

Good luck on your project.

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Yes actually I was already thinking of writing an article if I complete FatMan.

The reason there isn't an article on just "emulation" is that it's a lot different between systems. Emulating the GBA's flat 32-bit memory is much different then trying to emulate the NES's banked 16-bit memory. And the opcodes on the GBA are RISC where the older systems are CISC.

If you look at some of the lengthy documentation on certain systems made by emulator writers, you should find at least some C examples of opcodes. Also this is first time I've actually found Open Source useful. My disassembler function is really the one from VisualBoyAdvance, just changed from C to C++ and with some other extra stuff.

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Are you going to the meeting? They asked everyone for their name for the club, here's the email (from Karl):

Hi, everyone

Our meeting is at the Spoke Club this Thursday at 7 pm.

We must have everyone's names on the guest list for you to enter the Club.

So please RSVP with your NAME to corporate _ at _ womenwise.com, subject heading "Urgent RSVP."

Please return by 12 noon, Wednesday July 6th.

The Club is located next to the Amsterdam Brewery, northeast corner of King St. West and Portland with the private, discreet door on King. Ring the intercom to enter, give your name as on the guest list register and the receptionist will tell you to take the elevator to the 4th floor.

Sign in with the receptionist and take the stairs down to the art gallery where we will have our own cash bar and area to hang out.

Dress - business casual. Time - 7 pm

Please be advised that the Spoke Club is a licensed establishment. Minors will not be permitted.


See you all there!
The Toronto IGDA Steering Committee

So if you are going, send them an email with your name (corporate _ at _ womanwise.com).

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