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I suggest faking your own death and then hide inside for a week. Of course they'll be pissed when you show up Monday, but you'll have a week to think up a good excuse.

Or you could always end yourself. It's cheaper than fake ending-yourself.

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Seriously. If anybody ever tried to spring 117 hours of work in a week on me, I would tell them to take the job and cram it straight up their ass. Life is far too precious to waste it trying to work insane schedules like that, no matter how much money is offered in the bargain.

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117 hours out of 168 in a week. wow [oh]. You'd need to work for 16hrs and 43mins a day to get through that... if you can do that, you certainly need a holiday. But, as vertexnormal said, don't be letting anyone throw that much work on you unless it was *your* fault in the first place [smile]


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Since you make two cents an hour, that's $2.34! Wow, you're going to be rich!

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