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Well, I was working on Bob today, and realized that the code was totally messed up. I basically had to scrap all of what I wrote.

I think I'm going to work more on my 4E4 later. First off, I need to get more experience in SDL. So, I'm going to write a clone of an arcade game. Problem is, I don't know what game I want to do. So, here is my list of games I'm considering currently:


I'm leaning heavily towards Arkanoid right now. If anyone would like to add a game to the list, please leave a comment here.

Oh by the way, here is the quote of the day (unintentional rhyming):

"On the Internet, everyone knows Kung-fu"
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Im gonna say to go with 1942 so that I can play it when you are done[grin]. The 194X series is one of my favorites.

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If you're not aware of it Spritelib has some decent free 1942 and arkanoid sprites you can use.

good luck

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I wrote a 1942 clone back in Januray. It only took me the weekend. The result was really nice too.

My favorite part about it was there was no complex math or anything equations you had to keep tweaking.

If you want to make a nice, most importantly easy and quick game, I'd go with 1942.

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