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The Artist Speaks....

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Sir Sapo


Hey guys, happy Independence Day!!!!!!!

I have a special treat for you guys today, mark the artist wrote up a little entry for you guys! This is just the first in a series of artist entries aimed at showing the content creation side of the making of Angels 20. So without further ado, here is the (unedited) entry from the artist:

Amendment to Developer's Journal by Sir Sapo: Artist's Log
By Prinz Eugn
Hi. I'm Mark. You know my friend Sir Sapo (or Whoratio Manblower, as he is addressed in person)
as a developer of such memorable forays into virtual realities such as Partisan and the upcoming title Angels 20.
I'm the artist who basically drew everything you see in those games. In the games Sapo does the do whilst I do the see.
I do no programming, although I do understand its basics and it's limitations. I started working with Sapo at school for
a 'gifted' computer class. I draw outside of school for fun (mostly spaceships blowing the sweet bejeezus out of eachother),
and my mom is a professional artist. If you've seen a game by Sapo chances are I did the art, so you should have seen my work by now.
As you can see from these games the artwork is basically limited to 2-dimensional bitmaps of about 40 by 40 pixels.
Sapo is incapable of producing anything worthwhile artistically, however he may try, so I have to draw everything from trees to airplanes,
which I do using only a small amount of my limitless talent.
Okay, Angels 20 all started back in about late April or one of the months around that time this is how it went down.
The setting is our computer class which we neglected to go to Spanish to attend.

Thomas (Sapo): Mark, I need an idea for a game, I'm tired of all these airplane shooters.
Me: Well, How about a turn based strategy game involving fleets of space battleships?
Thomas: Wow Mark, I would have never thought of that! That's brilliant!
The Next Day
Me (holding sketches for every aspect of the game): So, Thomas, how's the programming doing?
Thomas: It turns out I can't program a game like that, because it would be really hard.
Me: Well, Ok, what else can we do?
Thomas: I Know! How about an airplane game!
Me(sighing): Gee, Thomas, in a rut are we?
Thomas: Huh?

That's how Angels 20 came to be, Thomas, unable to comprehend a game not involving aircraft of some type, fell back on a marginally successful formula and I'm
stuck drawing airplanes. And Flak Pueblos.

[/artist ranting]

And now for a special treat, a rare comparison between our respective artistic talents.

Cool Airplane Picture (Sapo)

Cool Airplane Picture (Prinz Eugn)

Which is better? You decide.

Anyways, see you guys later, hope you enjoyed the post

P.S. I set a new world record today, I almost died 56 times setting off fireworks, and came out with all 10 fingers!!!
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I like the Russian design better hehe... just kidding, Happy day after Independance day.

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