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Wine and Diablo 2 Frustration

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Will F


I decided to try Wine to get some windows games to run under linux during the gamedev outage (it made me realize just how much free time I spend reading the forums).

I got quake 2 running without much of a problem (just needed to change the windows emulation from 98 to NT to get it to work with my CD-ROM). I've been playing quake 2 with the native linux app, so it doesn't really matter. I've been taking my time with it, as I find it hard to get into the FPS genre.

I then spent much of yesterday and today trying to get Diablo 2 to work on. It's been pretty frustrating and i'm about to give up. Installing Diablo was easy, but getting the game to run has been a nightmare.

I've narrowed it down to 2 possible reasons
1. I need to load scsi emulation for the cd-rom into the linux kernel (lsmod showed it wasn't installed - and I don't want to be bothered with it). The weird thing is that it installed from the cd-rom fine, but when I try to run the game I get an error about needing ide-scsi, and nothing being in /proc/scsi/scsi
Because I got quake 2 to work, I doubt this is the problem.

Or more likely (as i've had success with other games needing the cd to be in the drive)

2. The copy protection put on the cd by Blizzard (I think it is either securom or safedisc), and wine can't deal with it. From what i've seen on the internet, the best way to get Diablo 2 working in wine is to use a nocd crack. I've got a couple problems with this, firstly it's probably illegal (and unethical - Diablo is someone else's IP, if they had wanted people to not have the cdrom they would have done so) to download one. Also since I'd probably have to find it from a site that isn't hosted in a country with strong copyright/IP laws, i'd be worried about anything unwanted that might be in the patch.

I've always found copy protection annoying, I have serious doubts that it actually increases sales by a considerable amount - and it usually just gets in the way.

I was mostly interested in looking at the user interface interface in Diablo (I remember it as a textbook example of a UI). Hoped to get some ideas and inspiration for my project.

Oh well, guess i'll just boot up the old mac and try to free up some hard drive space for it (back when I regularly used macs I really appreciated Blizzard shipping the mac and windows versions on the same CD). Problem is that Diablo 2 requires 700 megs for a minimal install and i've only got around a gigabyte of free space.
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