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The lights are on, but nobody's home...

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Anyway, finally learned how to throw and catch exceptions and write to a log file in C# last night. Had to know that before going too far into 3D programming. Next up, interfaces, then delegates, and events.

This is an 4E4 idea I threw away for now. Ultimate Electrical Undead Shogun Carribbean Tornado Extreme. It was suppose to be a 3D game where you are trapped in a tornado like on Wizard of Oz and fight. I tossed it to the side for a while.

Also, on I saw this title "Most kids have energy, not ADHD." Well, I guess parents will be looking for an energy cure now. hehe
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What's even funnier is that all the captions that you used are similair to some that I use in C.F.L., oh and you should definately pour the whiskey into the coffee of your co-workers, although you should check to see if anyone's a recovering alchoholic first, you want to have fun, not cause someone to go postal, or on a two month binge that leaves them lost in South Africa on a mining safari looking for lost socks of some famous explorer. Or do you?? I smell a promotion!

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LOL, I wound up playing it safe and choosing a. I know, no fun. But hey I'm still live hehe.

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