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A Change of Plans

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A long long time ago (maybe summer of 2003?) there was a lounge minicontest involving ASCII animation. I participated and began what would later become ConsoleLib: a Win32 console wrapper/utility package. The other day I wanted to update an old VB6 gravity simulator to include electromagnetism but VB.NET 2003 could not upgrade Form.Circle and I dont know how to draw circles in VB.NET so I thought, 'Hey! Let's use ConsoleLib for no other reason than because!' And so I did.

It was a very easy thing to do.

In fact, ConsoleLib can do a great many things easily especially since I wrote a number of classes to help with animations, collections of animations (ie - sprites), static objects, various text utilities, a pretty good input system, particles, etc. Hell, with it I made this:

But back to 4E4. I decided that maybe I started a little bit too fast with the artwork and that maybe I should start with simple stick figures. That worked out ok. I dont think I'll be able to progress further than that. That wouldnt be too bad because then I could change the game so that it's all being played on a piece of binder paper like Doodle Invaders. I always wanted to make one of those types of games.

However, this morning I had an even better idea - I could use stick figures... but using ConsoleLib. I already have editors to draw my animations/sprites/static objects that I know mostly work (a few small bugs), I know that the drawing and input system works perfectly, and I can mask properly utilize my complete lack of artistic skill unique artistic talents!

As an added bonus, I'll finally have a project to showcase ConsoleLib [grin]
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