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Map editors are a bitch. Unreal Inspiration at han

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Ok, i have got the most basic element you can work with being a face, like a standard polygon. This made my simple editor a bitch to use and quite frankly impossible to make anything.

I loaded up UnrealEd to see if that could inspire me as to how to make editing a bit simpler.
It seems that UnrealEd allows you to add a simple polygon but also a cube and things which means I was onto the right idea before. The only thing that is different as far as cubes are concerned with my old build of ZnO/S Ed and UnrealEd is that you are able to control the vertices. Since I have already got a system in place for loading up individual verticies I have no probs with that; just means changing the map format. Also I have in place a system for just putting in bog standard 1D polygons so I have 2 primitives already in place.

I also plan to bring all the views into one viewport so I have:

| t | f |
| s | 3d|

but I am not totally sure If I will have a 3D view.
However, I will slowly bring this feature in when I have time- at the moment, the mechanics of the editor are far more important.

Also, I have to have a proper look at the map format. At the moment I don't think I still have enough power and flexability. This is the most important aspect of the whole editor.
What I'm going for is quite an iso-pers 3D platform style world. Thats it in a nutshell, however its slightly more complex than that and the game I intend to have at the end is not cute or cuddley but for adults. As far as mechanics are concerned, the levels are going to be, as stated, iso-pers platform but with full Y axis camera control (Otherwise I would do an Isometric engine. Although I did try that at one stage and found it impossible to do collision detections. Got very confused[smile]).
I have what I want in mind but its just a case of translating that to a map format and a map format I can actually write an editor for.
So thats two concerns I have to deal with in the context of the map format.

Sorry, this is a bit of a random update but I am trying to keep a history on how I did this editor for my own future reference. Also a current reference.

Honestly, I'm going to have to start writing down plans for my applications since I'm getting myself into a total muddle here.

Over and Out
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