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Since people were asking about this (and I wanted a dot for today) I think I need more clarification on my crazy work schedule.

No, there was nothing wrong with what I was doing. Something very urgent came up that has to be done for next Monday, and it requires a lot of work.
The 117 hours is an estimate in the project plans. So far in the past 2 days I have actually completed 44 hours of the plan.

And yes, I'm quitting after this is done.
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Yay! That means you'll have tiem to wokr on otehr thaings next week!!!~

My mockups look shitty. Grr. Ooh, lightning outside! Still waiting for the thunder though, which is weird considering where I live. Wait, there it is. Storm is still a little ways off, though its pouring like you probably pissed a couple days ago.

What the fuck it just stopped raining. I can hear it raining a little ways off, but not on my house. Wait, its starting to come back, must have been a clearing overhear, nope, its gone again. The storm must be further off than I thought.

Wow, I can barely hear the raindrops now - I can still hear them a littlebit, but not very much at all. And its getting quieter. Wow, 2 minute storm. There's a little bit more thunder just now. And some more. COWARD OF A STORM.

I guess it realized I'm on my laptop and can't be fucked over right now. hur hur hur. Mushu 1 Storm 34983. Whoo, more lightning.

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