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C# and SDL.NET -- the adventure continues!

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Yes, an update! ;)

It looks like my tinkerings with C# over the last year have finally come in handy. I was directed to SDL.NET, a very cool SDL 'port' to .NET that takes advantage of the numerous OOP features that the CLI offers. The author seems to have done some work with Randy Ridge (author of the Tao .NET classes/wrappers), and SDL.NET features hardware accelerated surfaces via the Tao.OpenGL bindings. Two words: uber cool! A project idea is starting to unfold, and you can assure yourselves that you will be the first of those informed. :)

I also met a fellow by the alias Solaris Omega, who is a newer C#-fan from a VBish heritage, also using SDL.NET. We spent a large portion of tonight babbling about SDL.NET and various OOP concepts -- it's good to talk with another .NET developer! Think of this as an invite: if you're into game development using .NET, then give me a poke on MSN (hopedagger (at) gmail (dot) com) or AIM (Veley032). I'd love to jabber about some game development with you!

Additionally: as time has slowly worn away, my recent awe of BlitzMax has faded somewhat. Although certainly an excellent tool for hasty game development, I'll step off my pedestal and admit that it is lacking in other structural areas and is pretty darn unfit for any sort of large-scale or CPU-intensive project. Still, it remains an excellently viable option for writing up a quick commercial-feeling game if I ever decide to fork out the $80 US.

I intentionally left out the details about my work-related events as well as my social life. Nobody here wants to know about that, so I'm firmly sticking to the meat and potatoes: the gamedev!
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