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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone,

Good News!!!! Angels 20 broke 100 downloads today in the GDS(look out Epoch Star [wink])!!!!! But, as I said earlier, for every good thing that happens, a bad thing will soon follow. The bad thing for today is the fact that I pissed off someone who played Angels 20. I have a thread at www.indiegamer.com, asking for feedback on A20, and one guys said he was offended by our 'Commie Raper Air To Ground Missile'. The odd thing was that he said, and I quote:

Attacking Cuba with "Commie Raper" missiles isn't really attractive to me, in fact it's a big turn-off.

Whats odd about that you say? Well we never said in the game that we were attacking Cuba. How did he know, the flag on the island?

Anyways enough about that, it made me feel bad, and so we are gonna change it soon (unless 1000 people comment and say not to).

Anyways, now for random artist babble.

[artist babble]

Hey guys, I was so pleased with the comment I got that I decided to do another artist's
update, or maybe it was because I spent 4 hours drawing on the computer today and I am
going to have a stroke in the part of the brain that does color or whatever if I do anything
more. I think a short history of the Partisan fighter is in order; the partisan originated
from an earlier game titled Partisan Final, which itself was a sequel of some type.
Thomas wanted a cool space fighter and that's what I delivered. After some slight
modification by a guy in our class followed closely be counter-modification. The end
product looked great (it is used today as the health meter in A20), and for our then new
game, Angels 20, Thomas decided to use it again (I'm not kidding when I say he
wouldn't know originality if it came up and bit him on the nose then changed into
something completely different and kicked him in the balls). The difference is that the
new Partisan is from the side and is a atmospheric fighter, as a opposed to one meant for
space. The MiG-X3 (pronounced mig ecks-tee three) is the socialist rival to the Partisan, and I actually like it better because I could just draw it without basing it off of anything,
therefore increasing creativity and therefore "goodness". Now, the pictures on the banner
aren't actually in the game, they are for the multiplayer version and are about twice as big
as the ones in the game. I (that's right, Me) decided to use bigger images for the
multiplayer because it would've been hard to draw all the planes involved and preserve
both scale and detail to a reasonable degree.
And don't worry about the tagline for the banner changing, there'll be more banner in the future, for advertising purposes.
And July 5 is the 62nd anniversary of the battle on the Kursk Salient on the eastern front, called Operation Citadel. It was one of the greatest battles in history.

[/artist babble]

And thats it for the artists ramble/random history hour.

And now for todays graphical treat, teh updated banner!!!(minus the cool slogan... damn that artist and his finickiness)

P.S. You guys should really try out this game Rumble Box. Its really cool, and the guys who made it are a pretty nice group of people.
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Don't go changing your game just because of one person's comments. It's been on GameDev for a while now and you haven't received any complaints have you?

Prefer the old tag line for Angels 20 for obvious reasons :-) damn that artist!

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Don't worry, I still have the 'good' banner on my harddrive, so I will slip it in before we are done [wink].

I think I'm going to put a little bit more thought into changing the missile name (you got me all fired up). So if anyone else objects to , likes, or doesn't care about the name, please let me know.

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