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Updated Code

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Updated the C# Perceptron (Neural Net) class to include writing and reading of weights to a textfile. The example now includes:
1. Creates the Perceptron Class and Randomizes Weights
2. Trains the Perceptron with two data points.
3. Stores the weights to a file.
4. Reads the weights from a file.
5. Tests the mapping for the two data points we trained it on to see if it gives the correct output.
The ErrorOutputs.txt file gives the errors during training for each trial and the output of the test mappings (part 5)
The myweights.txt file give the number of input nodes and output nodes and the weights we trained the neural network.

Updated 7/7/05:
Made correction in Mapping method of Perceptron. (input index was not correct)
Added a few overloads for Training method args/parameters.

Here is where you can get it.
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